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      Special passenger service is Changchun Longjia Airport terminal for old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant, and other special groups of young travelers (hereinafter referred to as the special group of passengers) set up services, for the convenience of a special group of passenger travel, passengers special groups solve difficulties, Changchun airport passenger angle based on in-depth consideration, the spirit of "service zero distance limit, sincere" service concept, to provide free services for special groups of passengers following:

A) Wheelchair service

      To provide free of charge to passengers for mobile and not to apply for the airline's special service;

B) Unattended service

      For more than 70 years old (inclusive) travel alone for the elderly and unaccompanied children 5-12 years of age with arrival and departure process throughout the escort service;

C) Special passenger boarding service

      At the gate of the old and sick pregnant and baby special groups of passengers, the staff will guide the priority boarding;

D) Air rail transport services

      Changchun airport "azalea" service group and the Changchun railway passenger station "wheelchair sister" Zhu Lihong team composed of air and railway transport service partners, is for the purpose of focus, passengers special travel groups to provide convenient transfer service.