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      You may refer to the airport arrival identification guide passengers go to the baggage claim hall.

For transfer

      Connecting boarding passengers: please confirm your flight boarding information through staff flights or inquiries, and the reference building transit passengers guide logo guidelines to the corresponding terminal area of the airport waiting. No connecting boarding passengers: please refer to guide the identification guide terminal transit passengers, 2 layer to turn at the check-in.

      Is currently part of the transit business not to carry out the flight, please go to the transfer counter or to consult with field staff. If you can't handle the transfer formalities, please to the baggage claim office baggage, and then turn to handle the following domestic departure procedures: checked baggage / for boarding, security checks, waiting and boarding.


      After security check, you can according to the boarding pass marked the gate to the corresponding terminal area resting and waiting. To ensure you a smooth boarding, it is recommended that you take off 1.5 hours before the arrival of the terminal building in 30 minutes before the flight, the flight will stop check-in. Electronic passenger ticket, for reimbursement voucher, please contact the airlines.